A Mass Becomes You

Reinvention, ritual, and requiem drive this solo work, inspired by visual artist Cindy Sherman’s Untitled #122 and Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D Minor. Creating character through a mix of dance and Bouffon (the dark clown), Burpee shares the stage with an ever-increasing amount of portable stereo systems. These boom boxes become an accompanying choir for a provocative character’s extraordinary rite of passage.



"Burpee draws heavily on absurdist elements of the performance art tradition with the fine-tuned, playing-for-laughs timing of a seasoned comic"

- Michael Crabb, The Dance Current

Susie Burpee, Anna Friz, Jean-Philippe Trepanier, Tanya White


Canada Dance Festival, Ottawa, Canada 2010.
Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, Guelph, Canada 2010.
Dance: Made In Canada/Fait au Canada, Toronto, Canada 2009.
Rhubarb Festival, Toronto, Canada 2009. 

Supported by the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council.