photo of Susie Burpee by Omer Yukseker

photo of Susie Burpee by Omer Yukseker

Guest Faculty:

George Brown Dance 2017, 2018 - Choreography and Composition

Ryerson University 2016-2019 - Technique

School of Toronto Dance Theatre 2014-2019 - Choreography

Professional Program of the School of Contemporary Dancers 2007-present - Technique, Choreography, Composition

"I have spent the recent years of my career working closely with professional dance training programs. I'm deeply passionate about the work of emerging artists - I consider them a portal to understanding what is vital and urgent about our world today. To me, they are messengers of our time. I have developed an intentional approach to working in the studio that offers agency and engages with the dancer's artistic voice, resulting in work that is a statement from the heart. I believe there is great potential in the work of these young artists to ask the world to pay attention and consider action." -SB

Professional Level Technique:

Good Morning Dances/Great Moving Dancers, Toronto